Android App Development: A Cut Above The Rest

A new shocking report has revealed that the tablet market ruled by iPad is soon to lose its supremacy. Being dominated by Android tablets, though there’s no particular reason for this downfall.

ABI Research states that Android is using innovation in much more affordable and value-generated way to displace Apple. To compete with Apple’s 10-inch tablet Android creates 7-inch tablet for users. A smart move, indeed.

Google updates its SDK warning developers not to create apps that enhances the above two problems.

A recent study indicates that if Android improves its user experience (users returning devices, complaining of app downloads and installations and so on) it saves half a million dollars.

Apple won the hearts and loyalty of millions of users owing to a great user experience it guarantees and delivers, as well. IDC has revealed that iPad looses 40% of its iPad shipments, in the first quarter of 2013.

Sundar Pichai of Google promises some great upgrades to Android. He hinted that Android and Chrome may not become one, as of now. With time, things may change but that too depends on the demands and wants of the consumers.

With the introduction of Google Studio things might become easier, faster and better for app developers. With over 700,000 apps in the market Android has no time to spare.

ABI Research says that Android will account for 58% of smartphone app downloads in 2013. Apple follows second in its market share lead with 33%. The other two runner-ups in this race are Microsoft’s Windows Phone with approximately 4% and BlackBerry at 3% only.

Android is trending faster than any other operating system. At this rate, it may see more and more smartphone owners adopting the Android-strategy. Besides, research by Distimo informs that the share of revenue collected by major app stores has ‘increased’ tremendously in the last six months.


What Makes A User Trust A Brand?

Deliverables. Pro-active service, unique performance, and unmatched quality, custom features, (with true-to-believe or authentic testimonials).

Statistics go a long way, for users to take a buying decision. Due to frequently changing statistical numbers, not many people get influenced by them. What actually counts is the user experience when the product is under use.

In Summary

Android has a long road to conquer. Only if it can successfully overcome some of its major short-comings it can establish itself as a market leader. With smartphones becoming inevitable in the modern era – Android apps seem to fulfill the wide gap of app downloads per device compared with Apple.

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Buying Guide To Display Easels

Display easels are stands commonly used to present items like framed oil paintings and bridal portraits. Standing easels are used in art galleries, homes, as well as in businesses where many times they are used to display huge charts and diagrams. To buy an easel that best suits your needs you need to know some basic information about the many functions, types, and prices of standing easels.

The purpose of display easels is to highlight the presented items, so that a portrait or painting can be spotted by visitors or potential customers more easily. By presenting an oil painting on a display easel, a museum or store is drawing attention to a particular piece of art or painting. Display easels are not just limited to artists’ workshops or art museums, but are also used in school classrooms and business meetings displaying graphics and charts.

There are several types of display stands to choose from as well as a wide range of potential uses. In terms of size, there are three types of standing easels: tabletop, lightweight, and heavy-duty. If you want to display brochures or books, you may opt for the tabletop type, which is often used in different types of shops or bookstores. If you are in the market for an easel to be used in a trade show, a Display Easel lightweight, collapsible type that can be stored away and transported in a bag may fit your needs very well. If the easel is going to be used for displaying a somewhat large-scale art piece or a large portrait a heavy-duty standing easel may be needed. Wood, metal, and plastic are all popular materials used in manufacturing easels and many have an adjustable height feature.

From modern to Baroque to carved wood, the styles of stands are abundant. Your decision as to which stand to buy not only depends on where you plan to use your easel but what types of paintings or items you want to display. For durability and appearance you may want to choose a display easel made of solid wood or metal. The various sizes and designs available in the market make finding a suitable match easy as long as you know what you are looking for.

Depending on the size, material, and design, display easels can be priced at as low as a couple of dollars up to hundreds of dollars. Whether you choose to buy a standing easel online or in a local store, check and compare not only prices but the quality as well to ensure you are getting the best quality for the best price.

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Design Ideas for Your Next Home Building

Planning to build a new home and want to get the most for your money? With labor and materials accounting for a large percentage of the cost for new home construction, it pays to take an in-depth look at the house plan design. Here are 10 ways to sharpen the pencil for construction savings and, at the same time, create a little pizazz.

      Utilize more open space. Open space areas can borrow space from one another and, therefore, require less overall square footage. The resulting effect is a greater sense of สร้างบ้าน spaciousness without adding to the cost. Also, house plan designs that set rooms and access doors at 45 degree angles have a better feel to them and tend to be more accessible and open; appearing larger than their actual square footage. This can be an especially cost-effective technique when used for interior, non-bearing walls.


      Think even numbers in home plan designs. Most building material dimensions are based on 2-foot increments. Your plan should use 2 foot multiples throughout the design to minimize waste, disposal expenses and to reduce cutting time.


      For the appropriate home building project, prefabricated roof trusses are more economical than site-built ones, saving on labor and construction time. They also reduce the duration of time that interior framing members are exposed to the elements.


      Stairs and other framed openings should be located in such a way as to minimize the interruption of floor joists. If the home plan design will permit, run stairwell openings parallel to the joists to reduce the need for long girder spans. Also, stairwell and other framed openings should not interrupt structural beams or bearing walls.


      Corners on the exterior walls, resulting from a given shape of the structure, add dollars to the overall building construction cost. A square-shaped plan has 4 outside corners, as does a rectangular shaped house plan design. An “L” shaped home building plan has 5 outside corners and 1 inside corner. Structures with numerous wings and jogs can have multiple inside and outside corners. Simplifying the home building footprint can help to keep expenses down. Some corners, however, don’t have as huge an impact on construction cost and, therefore, are a preferable design alternative. Non-bearing bump-outs that are cantilevered or supported by brackets do not require any corners in the supporting foundation below. Also, bay windows and other small projections falling under the main roof do not require any separate roof framing. This can be a less expensive way to achieve visual interest or added interior space.


      Specialty windows and doors may add beauty and architectural appeal, but they can add serious dollars to the home building budget. Standard window sizes and styles can be enhanced by grouping them in creative patterns or by adding unique trim details to the exterior. For example, attractive arches can be framed and trimmed at the header portion of a garage door opening to accommodate standard square top garage doors creating the appearance of an arched door with the standard garage door fitting behind the arched opening.


      Maintaining spans within normal limits enables the use of standard, readily available beams, girders and joists, avoiding costly special orders or expensive engineering. For two-story house plan designs structural bearing walls should be stacked and lined up to fall within code limits.


      Designated areas for mechanical equipment for HVAC and plumbing should be located as central as possible in the basement or crawl space of the home building plan in order to minimize pipe lines and duct runs to their respective destinations. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to stack bathrooms over one another or set them back-to-back to reduce pipe usage.


      Large amounts of south-facing glass, strategically placed under the protection of overhangs during the warmest season, can garner significant savings during the winter months on cold weather energy bills. Also, the placement of windows to best capture light and airflow can help reduce electrical lighting and cooling expenses.


    Use non-structural elements to add aesthetic interest to the exterior façade. For example, a little extra trim details or non-structural synthetic stone columns at the front entry can set the home apart at very reasonable costs. A pergola and multi colored trim or siding can work wonders on breaking up the monotony of a flat exterior wall.

With a little bit of creative thinking these ten cost-saving design ideas can go a long way in making your next home building project a financial success and turn the house plan design of your dreams into reality.

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Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Click Funnel

The sales funnel has been a part of conventional business and marketing for times untold. However lately it seems to me that the subject of using sales funnels in Internet business is popping up everywhere on the web. The truth of the matter is that folks want to know more about this marketing concept and how they can use it in their online business marketing efforts. If you would like to know something more about the sales funnel for effective Internet marketing I invite you to continue reading.

The sales funnel what it is.

No, a sales funnel isn’t an actual funnel. The use of the term “funnel” for this marketing concept is simply to help visualize and explain a sales process from the beginning to the end. Because it uses a wide entry way for potential customers “Unqualified Prospects” at the top and a much narrower opening for converted sales at the bottom the term funnel is an accurate comparison.

At the top or entrance to the sales funnel will be who we may consider as “unqualified prospects”; these are folks who could need your products or services, but you have never contacted them before. By the end of this funnel, several offers and sales actions later, you’ve gotten folks who’ve obtained your product or service and made a purchase as well.

Another reason the concept of a funnel is effective is that it makes it possible to monitor your potential prospects actions at different stages of the expanded sales process. Using the sales funnel, through figuring out the quantity of qualified prospects at each point of the process, it is possible to anticipate the number of prospective customers who’ll, after a while, turn into actual customers.

A sales funnel will allow you to see exactly what and where your sales process is failing or succeeding, or if your campaign isn’t getting a sufficient amount of prospective customers somewhere in the process. This information allows you to choose exactly where you should focus your attention and work to maintain sales at the necessary level as well as, to fulfill marketing goals. It’s used as a method to gauge and manage the customers sales process.

The sales funnel is actually an organized marketing process in which you methodically direct your prospects into becoming customers and, also, convert them into even more ready to spend customers. Your customer base gets scaled-down as your net profit goes up because you clickfunnels $505 provide higher priced products and services to your ready to spend customers at the base of the funnel.

There are different types of marketing funnels they can be very simple to highly complicated in their design but they will all have a top or front-end and a bottom or back-end. Let’s talk a little about the purpose of both.

The Sales Funnel Top or Front – End

The top of your sales funnel will be the most active area of your process and requires the most consistent testing. You’ll discover virtually limitless front-end strategies limited only by your creativity and resources.
The main goal of the front- end will be to pull in prospective clients and convert them into buyers further down the sales process.

The prospective client becomes “qualified” once they opt-in or subscribe to something that you offer. This is the point in the sales funnel that the potential customer or “Unqualified Prospect” becomes a qualified lead because they have taken an action that actually demonstrates that may have enough interest to purchase your product or service.

For your front-end to be effective you must be able to drive targeted traffic to your website, blog, or squeeze page. The most effective methods and resources for doing this are article marketing, PPC adverts, social media (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), banners, blogging, forum posting, content marketing and more.

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Planning an Office Fit Out

An office fit out is an oversimplified term for interior decorating in the office. It means gathering together functional material for the office, but also choosing for colour coordination and general aesthetic appearance. It is striking a balance between functional furniture that looks like a professional team or office might work and still be in budget. There is no need for an office to depend on plain wood or plastic foldout furniture and then folding chairs; it is time to upgrade the workplace from start-off to full gear.

Office fit outs, of course, begin with planning. Carefully measuring the room and making charts of all materials–even drawing a model on paper–anything that allows the office fit out company designer to consider first helps to cut down on costs. A large corporation might be able to hire a professional interior decorator or even a construction crew to install the latest equipment, but a more modest business can do the same job itself, and not necessarily with shoddy, do-it-yourself end product.

Speak with all member of the company for ideas and try to understand their needs. Some employees need more desk space than others, but everyone wants more space or even their own office. It boils down to the manager to decide who needs what to maximize productivity. To that end, office fit outs are not just about looking smart, but the ergonomics of the work environment itself. The office serves many functions, from impressing customers and investors to ensuring that employees are not distracted by cramped and uncomfortable conditions. If the company has the money to spend, it can be well worth the boost to productivity, morale, and professional appearance.

After the planning phase, it is necessary to determine whether or not to contact an expert third party. Most chairs are a snap to assemble and can be done in-house, but large tables that must be bolted to the floor may require a carpenter. Until the items are purchased and delivered, it is still possible to haggle over theme colour and the position of desks and cubicles. Many small things such as plants and pictures can be rearranged anytime desired.

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iPhone Apps and Android Apps Play an Increasing Role in Education

With impacts on virtually every aspect of the daily life, mobile technologies can greatly enhance learning experiences. Internet-connected mobile devices with imbedded sensors, cameras, and GPS are bringing unprecedented possibilities in education.

Statistics from the mobile app marketplace reflects an expanding world of resources that fits into the palm of a hand. Thus, in March 2012 Apple announced about more than 25 billion downloaded apps from its App Store by the users of the more than 315 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices worldwide. The App Store offers more than 550,000 apps to users in 123 countries around the world, with more than 170,000 native iPad apps available. Customers can choose apps from a wide range of categories, ac market including business, education, games, news, sports, health & fitness, travel and more.

Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) has also hit a major milestone in app downloads from its site. It has sold 15 billion apps.

According to Juniper Research, consumer app downloads to mobile devices are expected to reach more than 66 billion per annum by 2016. This number scratches the surface of the anticipated growth of mobile applications.

The increasing availability of network access, growing capabilities of mobile devices, advances in electronic data flow together with the convergence of search technology and location awareness make mobile applications a powerful tool in the learning process.

Education institutions are seeing mobile apps not just as an affordable solution for learning, but also as a feature-rich tool for lab work, often replacing expensive and cumbersome devices and equipment. The leading universities, including Stanford, Yale, Oxford and UC Berkeley, as well as colleges have already deployed their own apps.

To name a few selections, mobile apps can embrace the following features:

  • Campus directory, maps and virtual tours;
  • Transportation information;
  • Course lists;
  • Digital distribution of course materials;
  • Dining locations, hours of service and menus;
  • Sports schedules;
  • Updates on interesting events and breaking campus news;
  • Possibility to check grades;
  • Access to library resources and digital textbooks.

The abundance of resources and relationships easily accessible via the Internet is increasingly challenging the educational environment. Students expect to be able to learn and study whenever and wherever they want to. More and more institutions around the world begin to understand the potential of mobile access, and they are investing in software that extends learning outside of the classroom.

Industries and Technology Areas:

Industries: education, E-learning

Technology Areas: mobile application development, software development, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

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Create An Android App In Less Than 15 Minutes

Have you consistently believed you needed to devote weeks or also months to create your own money making product?

Well, the really good thing is you may create a product even more rapidly and conveniently then you’ve ever thought. Maybe not as quick as going over this write-up, however you can sure do it in less time then the early days of product creation. Even less than a few days or even minutes!

So you’ll have more time to advertise as well as market your product which means a lot more sales. After all, that’s where the money is.

Merely visualize exactly all the successful products you could create and how much extra profits you can make when you recognize the best ways to make your personal products so quickly!

So here are 3 techniques to create your personal hot-selling products fast.

Meeting a Professional

You sure know or easily could discover some professionals in your field that your target market recognizes and also respects. They are often people who have actually gbwhatsapp composed magazines or articles regarding your subject, or maybe even created a super successful product.

These individuals know the answers to several questions your leads have in mind, and could show them how to address their problems. That’s why interviewing an expert is an effective method to produce items which are both highly profitable and easy to create. You could question them by email or making use of a simple phone call, turn it in to an ebook effortlessly, then sell it for big returns.

If you interview them by phone, you could also tape your phone conversation and also turn it in to an audio course. Considering that audio products deliver a higher perceived value, you can sell it at a higher cost. Simply make sure you ask for their authorization to tape your conversation. You could additionally get a person to write the transcription so you could sell it as an ebook independently, or simply as a perk with your audio program.

Compile Templates and Samples

That means you won’t need to write all your ebooks word by word from scratch.

After all, people purchase an ebook since it shows them the best ways to fix their complication and can get started right away by instant download. So as long as your ebook is beneficial to your target market, all the rest falls into place.

By compiling templates, samplings, articles, and also various other beneficial details into an ebook, not only you’ll supply your target market with important details they desire, you’ll also develop your item even more quickly and more efficiently.

And The Greatest Thing of All

There’s one more powerful method that allows you to make higher quality, hot-selling products in much less a couple of weeks without writing one word on your own.

It is called mobile application production. With the release of the smartphone, mobile apps exploded in popularity. The excellent thing is the marketplace is still strongly untapped! There are millions of individuals around the globe deprived for applications for their company, business performance, as well as enjoyment.

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The Facts About How To Choose A Mesothelioma Lawyer Revealed

They additionally mentioned that they have the info required to evaluate the threats. Have you been hurt by asbestos? We can aid. Call today. For centuries, men as well as ladies have actually been relying on make-up and also skin care to help them look better as well as to combat off the signs of aging.

The fact is that the Food and also Drug Administration does not regulate the makeup market all that much. Simply like with the supplement market, there is very little government oversight. As a matter of fact, the FDA has very little authority to even compel an aesthetic recall when dangerous compounds are located to have actually infected cosmetics, Mesothelioma Lawyers.

Previously this year, the FDA validated that asbestos, an impurity linked to cancer, has actually been discovered in eye darkness, structure, as well as makeup that was marketed to pre-teen girls. Also the cosmetic industry is pressing for more oversight in the wake of the discovery. FDA guidelines prohibit “poisonous” as well as “dirty, rank, or decomposed” compounds in cosmetics, the company stays in the dark concerning the actual components in cosmetics.

6 Easy Facts About Selecting A Mesothelioma Lawyer Shown

With the exemption of shade additives, the FDA carries out no examinations on cosmetics prior to they take place sale. Better, there is no demand that the producers do their own screening. It could not have been found that asbestos remained in makeup had a Rhode Island mother not sent her child’s radiance makeup package to a lab.

It can only request that the seller voluntarily remember the products. One shop, Claire’s, found in shopping malls across America, “refused to abide” with the demand. In a name-and-shame moment, the retailer ultimately did pull the product from shelves. Nonetheless, it wasn’t the initial product to be pulled from the merchant’s racks for asbestos contamination.

Call today. Asbestos is a collection of 6 normally happening silicate minerals, which were greatly extracted beginning at the end of the 19th century. These minerals were then used in building as well as insulation for their soundproofing and fireproofing qualities. There was an issue, however, in that extended breathing of asbestos fibers can lead to lung cancer, mesothelioma cancer, and also other illness.

The Ultimate Guide To Mesothelioma Cancer Lawyer

Health and wellness authorities say that hundreds of individuals have actually died as the outcome of becoming sick due to asbestos in Libby, Montana. The community is residence to about 2,700 people as well as lies near the boundary with Idaho. The asbestos in question came from a W.R. Elegance and Co. vermiculite mine, which ran just beyond Libby.

The EPA began a focused cleanup effort in 1999 as well as has actually since gotten rid of greater than a million cubic yards of polluted dirt and also structure products from 2,500 buildings. The work has been conducted under the EPA’s Superfund program, which presides over the cleanup of highly polluted websites. The clean-up is expected to be ended up by following summer according to an agent from the EPA.

As the EPA prepares to remove the website from the Superfund listing, the state and also local agencies require ahead up with a strategy to take care of future asbestos discoveries. Some of the cash set aside for future cleaning originates from a negotiation from the W.R. Grace insolvency case. Authorities estimate that as many as 400 individuals have actually passed away and also 3,000 have ended up being unwell from asbestos exposure.

Some Known Incorrect Statements About Filing A Mesothelioma Lawsuit

We can aid you. Call today. Asbestos cleaning is costly. The fibers need to be handled carefully so they don’t leave into the location and also create cancer cells. Employees likewise need to be protected during the cleanup efforts. Yet the expense occasionally makes dubious building and construction staffs conceal the truth there is asbestos.

A waste business was leasing a building in 2011 to hold metropolitan waste and paper waste. In 2012, the building was full, so the business got the building and also were intending on destroying it. The firm was called for to submit an application verifying that the building was evaluated and also had no asbestos.

The city declined the application for demolition claiming it was insufficient, yet under orders of the proprietor of the garbage company, the neighborhood call started demolition anyway, launching asbestos fibers right into the air. Worse, it was near an elementary school. Currently the federal government has concluded its case. The neighborhood contact was the last person to be tried.

8 Easy Facts About Filing A Mesothelioma Lawsuit Explained

The regional get in touch with has actually been charged with breaking the Clean Air Act, in addition to a number of unrelated charges. The approximated price to remove asbestos from the structure would have been around $1.5 million. You can not take faster ways when it involves asbestos. It is as well dangerous to the public and also to employees.

So why are the rates of young people obtaining mesothelioma boosting? That’s what a post on Forbes looks for to describe. Mesothelioma is just one of the cancers cells related to asbestos direct exposure. The fine rock fibers lodge in the lungs and also cause cancer to develop, yet it generally takes years to form.

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Poker Online- How To Play The Game Online Efficiently?

Poker is the best card game with which you earn real money. However, players are playing poker online games very efficiently. But there is confusion for playing the poker game online. On the other hand, when you are playing the game with your computer or any other internet device, the first step is to download the software. You can select the best site of your choice which is offering all the games as per your expectations. Well, you must have the best internet connection for downloading the software for the easy poker gameplay. There are many features of playing the poker game online.

Types of poker online games

For playing the poker game online, you must get access to the best game type which as per your expectations. However, there are many types of games that the players can get access to. Some of the types of games which the players play are-

  • Texas Hold’em – this is the king game among all the poker games. However, there are many variants of playing the Texas Hold’em gameplay. There is no limit for playing the game. On the other hand, the game is available online with all the level of stakes. The game runs online for all 24×7 for the players. This is the way that the players can get access to the gameplay at any time.
  • Pot-limit Omaha – in this game there is no limit to play the easy card game. However, this is the game that is found in all the casinos which are available. This is the best game that the players can play with the low stakes and high stakes.
  • Seven-card stud – this is the best variant of the stud games that are available. Before the popularity of the Hold’em game, the players were widely playing the seven stud games online. And the variant is available all across the United States.

These are some of the games with which players can play the game online. However, it is the best way that you can start the game with the best Situs poker online.

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Caring For Wholesale Rings

An important yet often overlooked aspect to owning jewellery involves maintenance. After all, who would like to see their several thousand dollar investment go to shambles because they failed to apply some simple tips? Even though wholesale rings don’t compare in cost to their real counterparts, it doesn’t hurt to take some straightforward steps to protect your investment. Since these rings are only coated with a precious material, they are much more susceptible to wear and tear. But by no means does this mean you should handle them with extreme care. They can take some roughhousing, but only so much.

Many of us engage in physically strenuous activity on a regular basis. If you are about to go shovel holes for your new fence posts or are getting ready for a game of tennis, it’s a wise decision to take your wholesale ring off. It can rub up against objects, substantially wholesale ring depleting the plating. Make sure you find an appropriate place to store it. Shoving it in your pocket where it can rub against your car keys and cell phone isn’t exactly the safest choice. Store it in a empty pocket or in another safe location.

If you want your ring to maintain its stunning gloss, it will need to be cleaned regularly. Many retailers offer jewellery cleaning sets that are great for this purpose. Some of these kits may require that you dunk your wholesale rings into a cleaning solution. Others employ a different approach, allowing you to scrub the ring clean with a pretreated sheet. Test the cleaning product on an inconspicuous area of the ring first before going ahead and cleaning the entire piece. This will prevent any mishaps.

A number of wholesale rings are sold with cubic zirconia stones or other synthetic stones used to mimic diamonds. After some time, these can invariably become dislodged from the ring. Part of the maintenance procedure should include checking that these stones are well intact. If one is showing signs of structural weakness, it should be attended to immediately. You don’t want to wait until you have actually lost the stone to get the problem taken care of. It might be possible to repair the ring yourself, using super glue on a hot glue gun. This can get messy, so you might be better off taking it to a professional. It if is beyond repair, you can luckily get a new one at an affordable price.

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