How Critical is Food Storage in an Emergency?

Most hard and true survivalists tend to worry significantly about whether they have a sufficient supply of food stored up for a possibly emergency. To them their food supply is of paramount importance since its primary purpose is to take care of their family in the event of a crisis.

Many people on the other hand tend to feel that since we reside in an advanced country and not a third world nation that we possess the natural mentality to have food readily available in the grocery store regardless of the situation. This may possibly be true in some areas of the country however in most cases when a disaster strikes we simply can not make it to the grocery store to obtain the need supplies that are required. Let’s face it during an emergency your ATM machines may not be functioning at all and that means you must operate with the money you physically have on you. Most of the time this would not be very russian food store much since we tend to store our money in the banks.

Some types of disasters would make travel extremely difficult thus we would be unable to venture to the store. Flooding or possible hurricanes would quickly make our autos useless. This crisis is compounded if we happen to live a good distance from the grocery store and are unable to get to a well populated area.

If you are anything like me you have spent a considerable amount of time planning and organizing your long term food storage to make sure that you have sufficient food to eat. Few people consider the fact that you have to be a bit concerned about the expiration date of these stored foods. When they start to approach that date you would want to use them up in your daily meals.

Although we try as hard as we can to make sure that our food is never outdated I have found that the dates that stamped on the food cans are not really accurate. A lot of food which we purchase for our food storage ends are good for a much longer period of time then what the stamped date on it says. Often times these canned foods are effective for from 5 to 10 additional years and in some cases as many as 25 years.

MRE’s are individual pouches of food that are used by our military personnel when in the field. Most of the time these are of the freeze dried variety and last for many years. To prepare these foods you should use an MRE heater. This type of heater requires merely a tablespoon of water in order to heat the MRE meal properly.

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